Assessing Value Creation Posture

Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

Creating value is the work of leaders. After multiple years of adapting to relentless economic disruption, considering questions like these can help assess the qualitative aspect of your efforts, your value creation posture?

• What do we own in the marketplace? What is our most sustainable competitive advantage and how do we preserve it?

• How can we more quickly and accurately interpret and adapt to changing customer or market needs? Do customers value what we think they do?

• What prevails in our moments of truth – those moments when we’ve disappointed a customer or not fulfilled our promise? Does our response prioritize the preservation of a valued customer relationship or the protection of the company?

• How can we build trust and transparency within our workforce if our management structure inherently fosters bureaucracy and lack of clarity?

• How can we accelerate decision-making to help our business move faster and with greater agility?

• How can our organization best pursue innovation and improvement, while continuing to benefit from established processes that have delivered quality, efficiency and risk-aversion?

• How can we challenge our people to consider what is possible when our current operating structure relies too heavily on managers telling workers what to do versus engaging with them to improve something?

• How can we better mobilize our employees to make a difference for our customers, our business and each other? How do we encourage curiosity, creativity and collaboration, and then provide the means for them to act on what’s been discovered?

• How significant is the impact of our company’s culture in executing our strategies, achieving our goals, and strengthening our competitive advantage? Does our culture reflect our purpose and posted values? Are we leaders modelling those values?

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