Applying Liminal Agility

Leaders are expected to improve results, which means they are consistently challenged to drive change.

Bob Schultek Author of
The Gauntlet

Change is a disruption. Few people welcome disruption which makes it the root cause of resistance to change, and every leader’s primary obstacle to be overcome for successful implementation of needed change.

In their new book, “Unleashed,” Rick and Amy Simmons, founders of the telos institute,explorea process of liminal agility that leaders may use to transform disruption into opportunity, accelerating the journey from “what is” to “what can be.”

The liminal agility methodology is equally effective whether the disruption is planned, identified as “curated liminality,” or is imposed unexpectantly, requiring a reaction. In their book, Rick and Amy describe a 4-phase liminal agility cycle – preparation, catalyst, integration and sustainability – with proposed actions for each phase. Stories, examples and testimonials validate the methodology for use with individuals, teams and organizations.

Unleashed” provides leaders with a novel, systemic approach for driving change initiatives in a manner that strengthens agility.

How might liminal agility acclerte your change initiatives?

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