An Introduction To Spiritual Direction

We are seeking two volunteers who have interest in seeking pastoral/spiritual counsel and potentially seeking to be of assist tospiritgrowth others.

 What to Expect:

  • 5 sessions to be scheduled May/June/July as befits participants
  • Structured sessions (60 minutes per session)
  • The relationship is a partnership (not hierarchical)
  • We will focus on one discerned theme
  • There will be homework assignments
  • This experience is from the Christian basis and presumes a denominational attachment
  • We will evaluate and summarize at the end



  • Understanding one’s temperament
  • Discerning a current life theme of importance
  • Writing a spiritual biography
  • Scripture and prayer to begin each session
  • Understanding the “numinous” in one’s life
  • Understanding “liminality” in one’s life



  • Interactive dialogue
  • Structured inputs
  • Structured homework
  • Each of last three sessions to focus on discerned theme
  • Sessions are from a holistic/life viewpoint
  • A blend of personal history, Christian Formation, and holistic pragmatism



  • A discernment from a thematic and holistic perspective
  • A refreshment from daily stresses
  • A learning about one’s self
  • Identification of important themes in life
  • A process that is compassionate and growthful



Contact for more details.


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