Nurturing Trust

Bob Schultek
Author of
Tha Gauntlet

We know that trust is the basis for all enduring relationships. Trust is personal and intimate. It’s fragile and requires nurturing.

For your customers, the depth of that trust is dependent on more than the reliability of your offerings, or even the fulfillment of your promises. It fundamentally depends on how well your people create a human connection with your customer’s people, providing a personal touch that becomes a vital differentiator when your customer has an urgent need or problem.

It’s this personal connection that enables the growth of trust.

Connections develop when people share stories, discovering that they also share common experiences and values which define their humanity. Sharing stories is a basic human characteristic. When your people invest time to hear your customers’ stories, they convey a sense of caring and respect, of solidarity. During those times when your customer relationship is tested, when something is urgent or goes wrong, these personal connections make the difference. Because there is trust, gaining an understanding of the challenge is accelerated, resulting in a faster resolution of it.

Employing empathy and generosity deepens your bond with your customer. Listening to understand what is valued, the reason for the customer’s actions or reactions, and when necessary, acting with generosity to suggest a solution or resolve a problem, without expecting a quid pro quo, nurtures trust.

It is true that generosity is the genesis of trust.

People still buy from people, not organizations. Customer relationships endure when your people act with empathy and generosity, creating personal connections that build trust.

How do you encourage the building of personal connections with your customers?

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