Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Extensive research has documented 3 key traits of top salespeople that directly influence their selling style and ultimately their success.

Top sales performers rely on the following “C” attributes to drive their selling process.

1.  They CARE…about their customers and their work associates.

Top performers set goals, commit to achieve them and continuously measure their performance in comparison to their goals.  Their goal orientation drives them to understand their customer’s decision-making process and to meet with decision-makers.  To achieve their goals, they strategize how best to leverage their company’s competencies to produce quantifiable value for their customers.

Contrary to stereotypes, successful salespeople are not pushy and egotistical, but are perceived as having humility and empathy.   They recognize that results and not bravado enable respect from customers and their work associates.  Rather than establishing themselves as the focal point of a purchase decision, top salespeople position their company’s team (technical support, consulting and management) to help win the customer’s business.

Top performers are conscientious, demonstrating an exceptionally strong sense of duty, accountability and reliability.  These salespeople take their jobs very seriously and feel deeply responsible for delivering the results they promised to produce.

2.  They’re CURIOUS. Curiosity is often described as a person’s hunger for knowledge and information.  Top salespeople are naturally more curious than their lesser performing associates.  This high level of inquisitiveness causes an active discovery process during sales calls, often driving the salesperson to ask customers difficult and uncomfortable questions in order to clarify obstacles or gaps in information that are preventing the customer from achieving goals.  Top salespeople realize that this process can help the customer verify needs, but it also helps the salesperson learn the truth about the opportunity and the potential to earn the business.

 3.  They’re COMPETITIVE. Top sales performers persevere.  They compete against themselves more than against others.  Many play or have played organized sports in school or elsewhere.  Their success is the result of learning how to handle emotional disappointments, bounce back from losses, and mentally prepare themselves for the next opportunity to compete.  Each opportunity is another learning experience that builds their confidence and competency.

How could you model your top performers’ process throughout the sales team?

 What would motivate your team to shift towards this best practice process?


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