3 Benefits of Change

Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Leaders are expected to improve results through change, but their teams often resist.

Change requires movement, away from what is known. Change can be tumultuous, causing disorientation that elevates anxiety and vulnerability; fear of the unknown can be paralyzing.

Change is also a constant condition in business and in life. There are 3 benefits to change that can improve a team’s engagement.

The antidote for the fear of change is to appreciate its benefits and to exercise some control over its consequences. These benefits can drive change.

Choosing to change increases a person’s value. Greater flexibility boosts each person’s versatility, opening the door to additional opportunities. On the other hand, resisting change only elevates the stress generated each time the need for change is confronted. Operating only in a confined mental space with well-defined boundaries creates a box that limits exposure to new opportunities.

Embracing change expands knowledge. Without experiencing the challenge of change, there is no motivation to learn and develop new skills. Each time you choose to adapt to a new circumstance or to learn a new skill, you increase your awareness, your intellect and your competency.

Deciding to change enables the possible. Needing to make a change can trigger fear about losing control; deciding to change asserts control. Nothing stays the same forever. Choosing to adapt or to redefine inspires forward movement to discover all that is possible as a result of that decision.

Let the benefits of change strengthen, energize and reveal new opportunities.

How often is there resistance to your change initiatives?

How can these benefits help inspire change?



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