Bob Schultek

It may seem that your attitude, the way you feel, depends on how things are going for you. But in reality, how you choose to feel affects the way things are going. Your attitude reflects your most heartfelt expectations.

Every day, you make the vital choice about your attitude. This choice is significant because it impacts every part of your life – your thoughts, words and actions are all driven by how you choose to feel today.

Will you choose to be optimistic, to collaborate, to help others, to be curious, to challenge the status quo, to give people the benefit of the doubt, to promote hope versus fear when things are uncertain?

When confronted with a challenge, will you react with energy or seek shelter?

Through your attitude, you select which of this day’s many offerings you will accept; no one is arbitrarily forcing you to choose what happens to you today. Whatever choice you make, that is how your day will unfold.

What benefits could result from the choices you make today?

What consequences could occur?