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Businesses today operate in a customer-driven market. Everyone and everything is connected, everywhere and all the time.

It’s a world of rapid and unpredictable change in which organizations are constantly adapting to meet evolving customers’ needs, never reaching a steady operating state. It’s a time that challenges the historical devotion to organizational bureaucracy as a means for improving results, placing conformity above all other cultural values at the cost of inhibiting initiative and imagination.

Many companies believe that their access to technology or “big data” gives them an advantage, but in reality, high connectivity makes this access available to many. Those who are winning in this market empower their personnel to challenge what is possible, nimbly utilizing technology and big data to perpetually innovate, simplify and improve, increasing the value delivered to customers, accelerating progress and improving results.

Leaders in these organizations cultivate internal entrepreneurship, commitment and shared accountability by enabling their people to realize how each can make a difference for the business. They encourage individuals to think and behave like owners, urging them to collaborate in small, agile and cross-functional teams that innovate and improve. They transparently share information with these teams to create a direct link between their contributions and the resulting quantifiable benefits produced. And they stress how these benefits create personal growth opportunities for those who have invested their energy and talents to accelerate progress by driving change.

The customer-driven market is the future of business, and it is defined by those who challenge the past to drive change.

How is your business impacted by the customer-driven market?
What changes must be made to sustain
your success in this rapidly evolving market?
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About the Author:

Bob has more than 30 years of service as a senior sales and business development executive, CEO and business owner. His expertise includes customer-partnered business development, strategic planning, sales management, customer service, operational alignment, lean process analysis and improvement, quality assurance, and performance management. He has worked in the energy, medical device, bioscience & pharmaceutical, discrete and process manufacturing, packaging and distribution, communications and information technology, and business-to-business service industries.

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