Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Without trust you cannot lead. Trust is the basis of every relationship. 

Trust is the foundation of your credibility, empowering your ability to get things done.
Trust bonds your team together to share commitment and accountability.
Trust motivates your people to challenge the status quo, pursue innovation and improve performance. 

Your success as a leader depends on the willingness of your people to trust you. There are numerous questions they may ask to help make and sustain this decision: 

Can I trust that you will consistently do what you say you’re going to do? 

Can I trust you to be clear about what you expect from me? 

Can I trust that when you make a mistake you will own it and make amends? 

Can I trust that you will act with integrity, practicing our core values and not just professing them? 

Can I trust that you will encourage and support me when I commit my talents and energy to implement your change initiative? 

Can I trust that when you doubt my intentions, you will ask me and not assume? 

Researchers have found that high trust leads to greater acceptance of team interdependence, more cooperation, and enhanced information flow among all team members. 

Trust motivates people to go beyond mere compliance with authority; it encourages them to take the initiative in makings things better, to make a difference for themselves, their teams and their organizations. 

Why do your people choose to follow you?