Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Why do people walk or ride for miles to raise money for a worthy cause?

Why do they volunteer to help others rebuild after a disaster?

Why do some invest hours in support of a political campaign?

For a change initiative to succeed, what is the first step? What inspires change?

The common answer to all of the first three questions is that these people believe in that cause, that purpose. They want their efforts to be meaningful – they want to make a difference. People commit themselves to causes, not to strategies or plans.

Inspiring change in the workplace begins the same way. Encouraging your people to engage in change requires that they believe in the reason for the change. Why is it necessary? How does it increase the value produced for your customers and for your organization? How does the change make their work more meaningful?

The first step for inspiring change is to communicate a vision that can be shared by those creating it. Connecting that vision with a greater purpose or cause influences your people to feel part of something larger, motivating them to engage in the change initiative.

Why should your people commit to your change initiative?

How can you help them believe in your vision?