Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

There are 8 folks behind me in the checkout queue. All are talking on or looking at their phones. None are observing their surroundings or engaging with others nearby. In response to my conversational probe, I receive a grunt in reply…the person never looks up from his device.

Our culture presents us with many distractions. When eyes are focused only on screens, we become oblivious to the people nearby us and to the places we share.  This failure to recognize the world around us inhibits our ability to learn, to restore and to grow, because what we see determines what we think and do.

In his new book, “Look,” James Gilmore explores this phenomenon and offers tools to strengthen our observation competency.  Jim’s concepts are based on the lateral thinking methodology of Dr. Edward de Bono.

Jim reminds us that creating value relies on this simple progression, which is always at work:

Looking >>> Thinking >>> Acting

What we observe informs what we think, which influences what we act upon.

This holiday season, make time to mindfully be with others, to share and discuss meaningful experiences, and to refresh your relationships, at work and at home. It will lift your spirits and invigorate you in preparation for the coming year. 

Despite the compelling influence of technology, still today, it’s the people in our lives who make a difference during our life’s journey. Being more observant to the world around us, and allowing those observations to guide our thoughts and actions, creates more lasting value in our lives than any technology can hope to provide.

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season and a happy, prosperous 2020!

How might you practice being more observant?

How might doing so create value in your life?