What’s your competitive advantage in the market? Why do you own it? 

Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

Once you know the answers, invest your heart, mind and energy on leveraging your advantage to create value for your customers, dominate your competitors and grow your business

If your advantage is trust, always deliver more than what was promised. 

If your advantage is knowledge, collect it and share what you’ve learned with your customers and employees. 

If your advantage is relationships, build enduring ones by partnering with your customers to accelerate their progress and sustainability. 

If your advantage is being innovative, focus your curiosity and research on meeting challenges that go beyond satisfying customer needs to fulfilling their growth aspirations. 

If your advantage is responsiveness, devote your energy on consistently responding faster than expected, and more promptly and thoroughly than your competitors. 

And if your advantage is price, buckle up…you’ll spend most of your time counting pennies and sliding downhill. 

Whatever your advantage, leveraging it to create value for your customers will increase the value of your business.

What is your distinctive competitive advantage?

How can you better leverage it?