Bob Schultek

Bob Schultek

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Family, food and football is a compelling combination, but what makes this holiday my favorite is the simplicity of its message. We dedicate this day to celebrating our blessings and thanking God, family and friends for making our lives exceptional and worthwhile. Inherent in the Thanksgiving Day message is a reminder to celebrate and express appreciation as often as possible.

It’s a reminder that busy leaders often need. Appreciation is a fundamental human need and a powerful motivator. Expressing appreciation and celebrating success makes strategy work.

There’s an effective formula for expressing appreciation in business.

Employees respond to appreciation, expressed through recognition of their beneficial work – it confirms that their work is valued. Job satisfaction and productivity increase when employees and their work are valued. They are motivated to sustain or improve their efforts.

Day-to-day recognition is the most important type of acknowledgement. It produces the benefit of immediate and potent reinforcement of desired behavior. By example, it communicates expected behavior to other employees and aligns it with organizational objectives and core values. Individuals and teams who are encouraged to acknowledge the good work of their associates generate corresponding opportunities for their contributions to be recognized.

The best formula for expressing appreciation to and recognition of an employee is:

  • Thanking the person by name;

  • Specifically stating what they did that is being recognized. Being specific is vital to identifying and reinforcing the desired behavior;

  • Explaining how the behavior made you feel (pride or respect for their accomplishment);

  • Specifying the value produced for the team or organization by the behavior;

  • Concluding by again thanking the person by name for his or her contribution.

Appreciation and recognition are essential. Your people want to be respected and valued for their contributions. We all need to be recognized as individuals or members of a team, and to feel a sense of accomplishment for our work well done.

How do you express appreciation to your team?

What causes your organization or team to celebrate?

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