Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

It’s the season of preparation…for the holidays, for the new business year, for your personal progression the coming year.

If you’re a big fan of spontaneity, then preparation can be dull and tedious; but to be successful in whatever you do, it is an essential skill that generates quantifiable benefits.

Would you attend a meeting unprepared? Or visit a customer?  Or approve an investment? Not if you want to succeed.

For any business, time is a vital factor; we have a limited amount of it, making time a very valuable commodity. One key advantage of preparation is that problems are resolved more quickly and efficiently if potential solutions have been vetted and are ready to be implemented. Resolving a problem in one hour, rather than two, saves money.

Preparation better enables the prompt recognition and consideration of a new, exciting opportunity when it arises. It also facilitates the anticipation of barriers that may delay project progress. This awareness accelerates decision-making, a significant competitive advantage.

Finally, preparation compels reflection and mindfulness, enhancing a sense of being in control. Anxiety and stress are reduced because you are ready.

Success depends on preparation.

How have you prepared for 2018?
How much did preparation contribute to your 2017 results?