Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Discovering why a prospect needs a remedy is what makes the difference between a single commodity sales transaction and a comprehensive solution that produces sustainable value and launches enduring relationships. The most compelling solutions help the prospect overcome constraints that are hindering goal achievement.

Why is identifying obstacles the most vital part of the discovery process?

Productive sales discovery begins by clarifying a prospect’s current circumstances and stated needs.  With the starting point identified, the focus shifts to isolating the end point – learning why the prospect is considering a new solution.  How does meeting their need not only relieve an existing pain point, but also help them achieve their goal? How does it help them succeed?

Once the goal is revealed, the most critical part of the discovery process can be launched.  Now is the time to probe about constraints that are hindering progress towards the goal, revealing why the prospect is dissatisfied with their current situation and considering a change.  Change is risky, so insight gained about barriers the prospect has encountered enables your proposed solutions to specifically target the elimination of those barriers.  This reduces the change risk and motivates the prospect to consider prompt action, creating demand for your solutions.

Prospects become recurring customers when new solutions help them succeed.

How often are you identifying constraints in your discovery process?

How consistently do your proposed solutions address how those barriers will be overcome?