Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Much has changed in just the past ten days. And we’re reminded, as we were after 9-11, that despite all our efforts to exercise control over our lives, unplanned circumstances can quickly disrupt our routine and sense of control. 

We’re in for a rough ride for a short while ahead, but we will adapt, as we always have, and find a way forward. This chaos will end, but another shock awaits in the future, so use this time to prepare for it. 

The challenge is to wisely invest our valuable time and energy on more than a short-term adaptation. When things turn uncertain, it’s the best time to proactively explore sustainable improvements that strengthen your business, and provide a means to regain some measure of control. 

Carve out time with your team to assess how your operations are being impacted and consider what could be done differently, done better. Evaluate processes and initiate projects to improve them. 

Think about your served markets and stay close to your customers. How are they being impacted? How can you relieve your customers’ stress? What innovation might become apparent that could mitigate the negative consequences they may be experiencing? 

While continuing to react to the evolving business circumstances, regain control by investing time to be proactive in considering how to make this experience work for you. 

How can you leverage this time to make things 
better for your customers?

How can you regain control by using this time 
to improve your business?