Bob Schultek
Author of 
The Gauntlet

The holiday season can be hectic, but as the last year morphs into the new one, there are also rare, quiet moments that are opportunities for reflection. Take advantage of these occasions – from experience, you know that they will be much harder to find once your active work schedule again beckons.
  • What were you able to accomplish last year? What worked, and what didn’t? Why is that? How did your accomplishments fulfill your purpose as a business? What unmet goals or objectives should be carried forward into the new year?
  • How did your business make a difference for your core customers last year? How many of these benefits can you quantify? How did providing value for these customers also drive the success of your business? How will you help them progress towards their goals in the new year? What new idea can you propose that would strengthen their business and yours?
  • How could you work smarter in the new year? What can you simplify so you can move faster? What processes can be improved? What obstacles must be overcome? How could your business be more nimble and respond to opportunities more quickly?
  • Why do your people devote their talents and energy to your business? How might they be inspired to invest a bit of extra effort to improve how your business serves customers and one another? How do you encourage cross-functional collaboration and shared accountability? How do you recognize those who make a difference for your customers and your company?
May 2019 deliver greater prosperity and fulfillment for you,
your people and your business!