Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Last weekend, a few of my closest friends and I gathered to share memories, stories and laughter at our college reunion. Each of us wandered off at times to reflect on our personal journey during those years, but by far, the most rewarding, enjoyable moments occurred when we were together, reconnecting with the experiences that created our bond.

In addition to being the essence of a meaningful lifetime, enduring relationships are the lifeblood of a sustainable business. Customer relationships grow stronger and more intimate when we join their pursuit of success, when our caring about their business is evident in the openness and responsiveness of our people who support their progress.

Enduring, intimate customer relationships are built one moment at a time, powerful moments of connection. These are moments during challenging situations when our people act to deliver more than expected, helping our customers make a difference for their customers. They are moments when we discover what our customer values, revealing how well their organization’s purpose aligns with ours. They are moments when two organizations share a struggle, and in the process, create a memorable bonding experience.

How do your key customers make a difference in their market?
How can your people deliver experiences that strengthen your customer relationships?