Renew The Spirit

Integrate leadership and spiritual formation to energize pastoral leaders and faith communities

You aspire to “ensoul” your leadership. Your faith community seeks spiritual renewal.

How can you integrate the many gifts of the community to energize your Purpose?

Does your community need to revitalize itself?

What processes best enable progress towards your mission?

Christian spirituality is grounded in an “Incarnational” understanding of reality which posits that the “Divine Spark” animates all of creation and has in fact generated a human/divine intimacy by the entrance of the divine into humanity in the person of Jesus Christ.

Our spiritual renewal process for leaders of faith communities is transformative and rooted in core spiritual values that must be integrated into your daily life and expressed otherworldly. The program challenges you to:

  • Explore who you are and identify your “true self” and inner calling.
  • Use your experience, stories and mentorship to understand your gifts.
  • Clarify your source of energy and demonstrate the will to use it.
  • Identify for whom you sacrifice.
  • Empower yourself to live life without looking for permission.

Whether working with faith community leadership or the members themselves, our foundational understanding of spiritual formation includes these elements:

  • Head, Heart, Hands, and Feet: Spirituality must engage the whole person
  • Incarnation As the new Grammar: Avoiding false dichotomies opposing the divine and human
  • The Center of Faith: Christ’s radical call to holiness, love and service
  • Humble and Open: Affirming both God and humanity
  • Diversity: Unity and uniformity are not the same. God’s self-communication is manifest in the diversity of human history.
  • Sacramental and Dialogical: God’s love must take on tangibility (sacramentality).
  • Foster transformational faith centered on renewed spiritual formation.
  • Explore the use of “whole life” perspective to align inner values with outer realities.
  • Experience how “liminality” impacts community development.
  • Synchronize your governing principles with your community’s Core Values.
  • Identify your gifts and share them to build a community.

Our Spiritual Formation Workshop will energize and enlighten you.

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