Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

When you introduce a new offering, the market ultimately determines its value. How you position the new product or service when it’s launched influences that decision, providing the opportunity to maximize your profitability and ROI, and avoid the label of commodity.

There are really two positioning options.

Your introduction of the new offering can explain why it’s the best option available at the moment. Its value is based on being unique and scarce. Customers pay a premium when a novel offering resolves a need better and faster than an alternative; that premium grows when your solution also contributes to the customer’s goal achievement or accelerates progress.

Or, your new offering announcement might describe how quickly it is being accepted by the market. When everyone is already using it, the new offering’s value is based on reduced usage risk, plus the uncomfortable, growing realization that a competitive advantage may be lost if the decision to purchase is too long delayed. The new product or service is worth more because it has been validated by the many that are already taking advantage of its benefits.

What makes you choose to purchase a new offering?
How do you develop your positioning message for a new offering?