In working with clients we are always emphasizing learning and the building of knowledge; many forms of course from the detailed technical to the integrated experiential.

It is completely surprising in this current environment that many folks (working and not working) do not work at learning and often are adamant about why (too many work hours, too many responsibilities, too tired, etc, etc, etc. . .)

In Forbes this past summer (Jason Nazar | Forbes – Fri, Jul 23, 2013) one commentator spoke the following to the younger generation (20’s) about technical skills. His point:

You HAVE to Build Your Technical Chops

“Adding ‘Proficient in Microsoft Office’ at the bottom of your resume under Skills, is not going to cut it anymore. I immediately give preference to candidates who are ninjas in: Photoshop, HTML/CSS, iOS, WordPress, Adwords, MySQL, Balsamiq, advanced Excel, Final Cut Pro – regardless of their job position. If you plan to stay gainfully employed, you better complement that humanities degree with some applicable technical chops.”

Sooooooo. . .what are any of us learning these days???