Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Leaders drive change. Whether reacting to an external challenge that threatens the business, or proactively disrupting the status quo to improve performance, leaders and change are inseparable.

The most visible leadership stories describe triumphs over trouble, departures from the past, doing what has never been done, or going where no one has ever been. Every story is about challenge and change.

The same is true for those who lead their businesses every day without notoriety – committed leaders like you, pursuing improvement at every level of your organization to earn sustainability and success. You may be challenging what is possible and pursuing a new opportunity, or fighting complacency by disrupting established practice in pursuit of improvement.

Wherever your change energy is directed, there will be uncertainty, disruption, fear and discomfort among those you lead. People do not readily embrace change. But leaders recognize these emotions as necessary ingredients in a change initiative, leveraging them to focus energy and to encourage their people to persevere in meeting the challenge.

Leaders who remain actively engaged in the change process influence and inspire those they lead to invest the required discretionary time and effort necessary to achieve targeted results, while avoiding a drift towards demotivation.

Leaders are expected to drive change. Leadership and change are inseparable.

What tools do you use to drive change?
How engaged are you in your change initiatives?