Fulfilling Their Mission Is Your Business

Bob Schultek

Bob Schultek

Why was your business founded? Business leaders often ask themselves this question to retain their focus and purpose during challenging times. Every day, the circumstances of your business can change your priorities. When the action is fast and furious, reminding yourself why your business exists helps reorder changing priorities to concentrate on those that best fulfill your Mission.

Most Mission statements describe how the business intends to satisfy the needs of its served markets and customers. Look beneath the words and you find dedicated individuals who share a common aspiration to make a unique contribution to their industry which also satisfies their personal need to make a difference. There’s a powerful emotional connection between business Mission and personal fulfillment.

The most compelling proposals to customers enable this emotion. Such proposals offer solutions that achieve customer goals to fulfill both business and personal missions.

The more persuasive solutions focus first on helping customers achieve sustainable revenue growth. Solutions that increase and preserve customer sales, productivity or throughput build momentum towards the future they envision for their business and themselves.

Solutions that propose cost or inventory reductions tend to focus customer attention on their current situation or pain. Relieving their pain does satisfy an emotional need, but the lasting effect is less powerful because the connection to the future of the business, to mission fulfillment, is obscure. Also, these solutions can imply that further reductions are possible.

Growth proposals are more compelling because they communicate that you are committed to helping your customer make money versus simply saving money. The purpose of your business, your Mission, is to help them build their business and fulfill their Mission.

How many of your proposals focus first on producing revenue growth?

How does your Discovery process enable the identification of customer goals?