Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150When a new prospect asks you to describe your product or service, how do you respond?

How do you get the conversation started so that the prospect is incented to ask how you do what you do?

Rather than describing your products or services in response to a prospect’s inquiry regarding what you do, ask if the prospect is experiencing a typical problem that is resolved by your offering. Then, explain how your solutions solve the problem. In most cases, the prospect will react by asking how you actually produce the promised results.

Remember that a prospect cares only about the value your solutions can produce – he or she doesn’t care about your product or service.  So begin by sharing results that may solve their problem.

A typical dialogue for a packing systems manufacturer might proceed as follows:

Prospect:  “So what do you do?”

You:  “Well, you know how challenging it is to consistently, accurately and productively package small parts so that throughput is increased and waste reduced?”  (Stop & allow the prospect to respond)

Prospect:  “Yes, it’s a constant struggle for us.”

You:  “Our packaging systems help companies achieve their growth and profitability goals by increasing packaging productivity, reducing wasted time and materials and maximizing uptime.”

Prospect:  “Interesting; how do you achieve this performance?”

Now you describe how your offering helps achieve their goals.

By first describing expected results, you emphasize the value produced, which typically compels the prospect to inquire how you do it. Now, you’ve got a qualified lead.

How effective is your current cold introduction script at generating leads?

How can your script be improved to generate interest with a prospect?