Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Another New Year’s celebration has passed. It’s a moment each year when time stands still, providing us with a precious instant when we can reflect, and hope.
It’s also a moment that makes us acutely aware just how much of our lives is controlled by the monitoring of time. In fact, I’d suggest that we are so conscious of time’s drumbeat, so busy trying to make each minute of every day productive, that we’ve become hostages of time. The movie Groundhog Day comes to mind!
These moments, when time seems to stop, are so rare that we should not waste them by hurrying back to our routines. Cherish these seconds by recalling what is most valuable to you, what makes your life uncommon. Ensure that when your time ends, you will have no regrets.
For at that moment, you will not regret that you didn’t close one more deal or finish one more task – but you will be sorry about time not spent with family and friends and associates. Throughout all of human history, despite the unrelenting passage of time, it is our relationships that make our lives meaningful, providing the highest return on our invested time.
How can you spend more quality time 
with those who make your life meaningful?
How can you be more aware
that you’re living a special moment?