Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Credibility is the number one reason people choose to follow their leaders. That credibility is based on the leader’s behaviors, transparency and accountability. How they walk the talk, keep promises, lead from the front.

To build a vibrant organizational culture, leaders must go first. They are the first to make sacrifices, the first to take risks, and the first to feel consequences. They are the first to model the company’s values, first to follow policies, first to point the way forward. The rules apply to them first, before they apply to those that follow.

As a result, a leader’s actions are remembered long after any words he or she may have uttered.  Leaders succeed because people view them as credible and choose to follow them, enabling a productive culture to flourish and endure.

How consistently do you go first? 

How do you assess your leadership credibility?