Bob Schultek

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After serving more than thirty years as a senior executive, including a couple of times as CEO & business owner, I’ve enjoyed triumph and disappointment, and accumulated plenty of scars. Grolistic was founded to share those scars with business leaders to accelerate their growth. Whether we’re assisting with strategy, implementation or leadership, it’s increasingly clear that an organization’s people often make the difference. Your people truly are your most sustainable competitive advantage.
A couple of years ago, upon reflection about some unique career events that shaped my methods for building businesses, I decided to tell a story that describes how these experiences became the genesis for my perspective about business development, leadership and change management. That story was just published as an eBook by Amazon under the title “The Gauntlet.”  If interested, you can find it in Amazon under “The Gauntlet-Robert Schultek.”
The Gauntlet tells the tale of a business in crisis, and how the leader, his team and his family experience a transformational journey as they confront the challenge of business survival. Told through the eyes of the senior leader, the story describes his concurrent, integrated struggles to change the course of his business while preserving his family’s well-being. The trials encountered by the company and people described in the story, and the lessons they learn during their ordeal, are authentic, based on actual events and shared by numerous small and mid-sized organizations.
Those of you in senior leadership roles may recognize the trials and reactions that this leader must navigate as the story unfolds, and perhaps you’ll find a helpful insight or two. Thank you for your continued support for this blog, and if you choose to read the book, it’s my hope that you’ll find it to be an enjoyable, informative investment of your time.