Passion Produces Energy

Bob Schultek

Bob Schultek

Remember that feeling of enthusiasm and anticipation you experienced on your first day at a new company or in a new position?   The exhilaration of those moments ignited your passion for your company and your career.  Over time, the routine & the constant stress of meeting challenges dampened your passion.

Like all emotions, Passion will come and go, but it is an essential fuel for sustaining focus on goals.

Passion generates energy, the power that drives action.  Passion is contagious & motivational; it inspires innovation and continuous improvement.

In today’s economy, competition continues to escalate.  The “exclusivity period” for new products/services keeps shrinking.  And, the pace of commoditization keeps increasing.

There’s no way in this time of intense competition and rapid technological evolution that ownership or senior management can be the only ones proposing new ideas for your company.  You need all hands on deck!

To keep reigniting Passion in your business, keep your people engaged.  How?  Get your folks involved in:

  • Introducing a new idea or technology that disrupts the market status quo and compels a reaction;
  • Radically accelerating your response time or speed to market;
  • Changing the infrastructure, rules or the flow of information to empower or quicken decision-making;
  • Dramatically altering your pricing structure for a key product.

Passion generates energy.  Sustaining and channeling the Passion of your team infuses their actions with vitality, drives your company forward, and helps you identify new ways to produce strategic value for your customers.

What are you doing to reignite the Passion in your business?

Is the pursuit of perfection killing the Passion in your people?