Bob Schultek

Bob Schultek

Seth Godin describes two types of customer loyalty in a recent blog.

The first kind is “loyalty of convenience” which is based on the fear switching. For these folks, switching suppliers is risky and time-consuming, plus it may be a mistake.

The other kind of loyalty is based on supplier commitment that drives genuine customer satisfaction. Seth confirms that “You earn this sort of loyalty, you don’t architect it.”

What’s the most proven way to earn customer loyalty?

Loyalty is not earned by pitching your product or service, or by causing customers to feel trapped. Loyalty is about trust and trust is earned by demonstrating commitment to your prospect’s or customer’s success.

Old news, right? So what demonstrates commitment?

  • Focus on the relationship not the transaction. Be more interested in helping customers make money instead of taking their money. Learn how to discover their needs, goals and strategies without any expectation of an immediate sale. Getting this information may take time, but your effort will surprise them, earn you their appreciation and begin to build trust. Propose solutions that produce a quantifiable financial advantage for them and strengthen their distinctiveness.
  • Be genuine. People want to buy from people, not from faceless companies. It is much easier to perceive, evaluate and become loyal to companies that provide access to the real people with whom we’re doing business. Share yourself and treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Keep your promises & over-deliver. It is imperative to deliver what you promise. Help solve your customers’ problems and act in a caring way when doing so. Most customers don’t need to be wowed; what they need is an experience that is effortless for them. Then, deliver more than was promised – extra service, critical information, industry updates, news. Know your competitors and provide more than they can. Ask yourself if there is anything (technology, tools, etc.) that interferes with the customer wanting to interact with you more than anyone else.

Never take them for granted. Trust is fragile. It must be earned each day. Every interaction, even those that seem insignificant, is an opportunity to add value that enhances your customer’s experience.

“Earning loyalty is about capturing mind share, not market share.” (Libby Gill- Capture the Mindshare & Market Share Will Follow). Proving commitment wins the heads, hearts and trust of your prospects and customers.

How does your business demonstrate commitment to customers?

How do you ensure that your business is delivering on your promises?


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