Bob Schultek
Author of The Gauntlet

Carve Out Time to Concentrate on Performance

The forces of distraction keep growing stronger and each is competing for your attention.  Do you find it increasingly difficult to pull away and focus on the needs of your business?

Phone calls, emails, text messages and browsing for the answer you must have right now keeps you rooted in the here and now.  Our technology makes it easy to react to these forces, so our ability to concentrate gets fuzzy…like an image that we can’t get into focus.

Leaders can’t ignore their responsibility to evaluate and adapt, so carving out time to periodically focus on assessing direction and progress is an essential task.

  • Schedule quiet time for this…away from laptops, cell phones, IPADs, and other distractions.
  • It often improves focus if you work with an experienced, trusted outside advisor who knows your business, is paid for performance and can offer fresh perspectives. Try working with a business growth or management coach.
  • Don’t procrastinate – Who will do this if you don’t? How can you prioritize actions without evaluating status vs. direction and goals? Will it be any easier to do later?

How often do you make time to assess the status of your business?

What process do you use for this evaluation?