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The Fall

“The Fall”
Robert Alter/Michelangelo/GenesisMini-course on GenesisConducted by Vic Pergola
We Need You:6 volunteers (first-come, first-serve)
     Strong commitment to complete series

When:Five Thursdays in Oct/NovOct 10th, 17th, 24th: Nov 7th, 14th
6:30-8:30 pm

>Content:  We will use the book by Robert Alter:
“Genesis: Translation & Commentary”
Session One: 
A review of the Creation Account (Alter’s Introduction)
Session Two: 
Chapter One: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)
Session Three: 
Chapter Two: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)
Session Four: 
Chapter Three: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)
Session Five:
Chapter Four: Genesis (Alter Book + Biblical account)

We will read the creation account aloud prior to each session
We will write quietly in a journaling exercise
We will discussthe assigned topic per class
We will generate summaryconclusions on the material
We will generate a threefold comparison: The Painting by Michelangelo; The Book by Alter; The Creation Account by Genesis

Please Bring:

A notebook (electronic or pen and pad)
An Old Testament
Purchase the Alter book from Amazon
(“Genesis: Translation and Commentary)
The poster of the Creation and Fall will be sent electronically


Your reflections will be written up for a research project
We are interested in your understanding and critique of the methodology
We are looking for your thoughts on any positive growth you may have experienced
What is your thought on the subject matter?
What subject matter (spiritual) are you interested in for the future?


Please send an e-mail to and indicate that you would […]

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An Introduction To Spiritual Direction

We are seeking two volunteers who have interest in seeking pastoral/spiritual counsel and potentially seeking to be of assist to others.
 What to Expect:

5 sessions to be scheduled May/June/July as befits participants
Structured sessions (60 minutes per session)
The relationship is a partnership (not hierarchical)
We will focus on one discerned theme
There will be homework assignments
This experience is from the Christian basis and presumes a denominational attachment
We will evaluate and summarize at the end



Understanding one’s temperament
Discerning a current life theme of importance
Writing a spiritual biography
Scripture and prayer to begin each session
Understanding the “numinous” in one’s life
Understanding “liminality” in one’s life



Interactive dialogue
Structured inputs
Structured homework
Each of last three sessions to focus on discerned theme
Sessions are from a holistic/life viewpoint
A blend of personal history, Christian Formation, and holistic pragmatism



A discernment from a thematic and holistic perspective
A refreshment from daily stresses
A learning about one’s self
Identification of important themes in life
A process that is compassionate and growthful



Contact for more details.


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Spiritual Formation Workshop

Pointe Vierge offers formation and guidance in facing the complexities of a lived life; business, career, beliefs, decisions, and critical issues. We seek to establish an “ensouled” foundation.

Events in the international and national scene point up the need for ongoing grounding in our values and establishing alignment between our personal inner core and our concrete daily lives.

We believe that this alignment is essential in developing a mature response to life’s issues of ultimacy and intimacy. It is core to spiritually grounded decision making.

Our founding partner, Vic Pergola, has spent years in preparation (ongoing) in building a competency in a number of fundamental disciplines to this effort: depth psychology, theology, scripture, Western and Christian history, and the traditions of spirituality.  Please join us! […]

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A Reflection on Alpha Themes

We live in interesting times and our lives & careers are often dominated by anxiety, ambiguity, and ambivalence.
This is life’s great stopper overflowing into business; simply look at the market fluctuations, the international debt crises, the continual worry over hiring and expanding, the risks, the need for an economic safe harbor. We have pills for it, we work it out at the gym, and we look over our shoulders; who or what is gaining on us (Satchel Paige)?
All the management gurus tell us that we need to handle ambiguity (from the Latin: “to go both ways”) and that business is full of complexity. It is clear that we are drowning in complexity and that change is constant and even accelerating. Decision making is difficult when the information is unclear or even untrustworthy.
From the Latin again: “to be strong in two ways,” and therefore become paralyzed and frozen. Indecisiveness in business and in life drains away urgency and impact. We want more data, we desire more certainty, perhaps even, a form of perfection.
The Antidote:
The three A’s require an inner core of authority if we are to handle them succinctly, imaginatively, and urgently. A couple of truths present themselves:
■  Conformity, dogma […]

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