Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Delivering promised benefits to a new customer communicates that you respect and value the business shared with you, and that your commitments are reliable. The customer’s confidence and trust grows, earning you consideration when the next opportunity arises.

Consistently producing promised benefits, time after time, builds customer loyalty. And when your solutions do more than resolve short term needs, when they also contribute to the customer’s progress and goal achievement, an enduring relationship is cultivated. Rewards for this level of customer commitment include recurring revenue, higher ROI on sales investment, exposure to innovation opportunities and strategic access to your customer’s senior leaders.

Finally, rewards earned from your enduring customer relationships enable you to keep promises to your people…promises of opportunity, business sustainability and job satisfaction. They also illustrate how your company makes a difference for your customers, fulfilling your purpose and enabling your people to realize the meaningfulness of their work. It’s this awareness that motivates those people to invest the extra effort necessary to launch innovations or continuously improve your business.

How do you ensure that your customers
are aware of promises kept?
How do you alert your people to 
customer relationship rewards you’ve earned?