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It’s Your Choice

“Our customers buy only on price.  If we don’t offer the lowest price, they go elsewhere.  They don’t care about anything else…it’s just price.  That’s the way our industry works.”

Annie was reacting to my challenge that acting like a commodity is a choice you make.

“So is your key strategy to always offer the lowest price…in every circumstance, for every customer?”  When Annie replied, “Not really,” I asked:

“Why do customers contact you?”

Annie is a customer service manager who described her business as a global logistics company who can ship any product to any place in the world and ensure that it arrives on time and ready to use.  In fact, they strive to get the shipment delivered early.  When I mentioned that I didn’t hear anything about price in her description, Annie responded with, “But that’s what they always ask first…how much will it cost to ship to someplace and we tell them how fast we can deliver and at what price.”

Annie came to understand that she had a choice about how to respond to such inquiries.  Her customers care only about the value her business can produce for them – value she thoroughly described in her description of her […]

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GAMMA: Gune’, Gunaikos (“Woman”)

When we arrived at the “gamma” letter, the word was quite obvious. We want to reflect on “woman” as a point of focus in considering business and career issues.

Let’s make a bold call: this will be the century of women. There are some excellent reasons behind this:
■Woman now outnumber (demographically) all men in every strata of education and educational attainment

■Law schools and Medical schools now produce 50%+ graduates from the ranks of “women”

■Business MBA programs are stuffed with women candidates and graduates

■This educational push will evince deliberate and expected shifts in culture and decision making every year and every decade henceforth
■Recent polls of CEO’s indicate a preference for executives with imagination, inventiveness, a grasp of cognitive complexity, an outstanding ability to communicate, and a high degree of emotional resilience

■While progression is slow (“glass ceilings”) there will be inevitable progression into leadership as the networked world requires a sophistication of leadership and communication and intimacy (yes “intimacy” particularly of the customer/client variety)

■Our business problems will increasingly rely on “teamwork” functionality and motivational leaders with the ability to generate breakthrough results
Leadership: (reference here Joanna Barsh/Susie Cranston/Rebecca Craske; all from McKinsey)
In the continual juggling of work/families/energy demands/emotional intensity; women exhibit a number […]

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