Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

Mastering leadership is a continuous process of learning how to adapt to change and how to motivate it. It’s what leaders are expected to do. 

Lately, leaders have been consumed with adaptation. But now it’s time to act on what’s been learned, relying on purpose and values, on encouragement and transparency, to inspire collaboration that can make things better going forward.  

Learning begins by reflecting on what experience has taught, and then finding a better way by applying lessons learned using observation, practice and experimentation. Leading a team through this process is challenging work, involving a passage during which strengths are tested, incompetence is confronted and obstacles are overcome on the way to the envisioned outcome. 

What leaders learn during this journey increases their credibility, enabling a productive, new identity to emerge. It’s an identity that is appreciated and respected for converting knowledge into action, while remaining true to personal values and company culture. 

It’s an identity whose energy attracts those who seek to do work that matters, to make a difference. It’s an identity that bonds a team around trust and commitment to make change meaningful, to make things better.

How are you engaging with your team to make things better?