blk5-618x386It’s horse season. At the movies we have “War Horse,” at the track we have the thrilling finish to the Belmont, in this  season we have the disappointment of injury and no subsequent Triple Crown run.

Bucephalus is the ancient horse of glory, strength, and honor. He is Alexander’s horse, riding into every battle with him,  and dying at 30 in the battle of Hydaspes.  As with Secretariat, Seabiscuit, and Triple Crown winners, Bucephalus is  unstoppable.

There is a great mosaic of Alexander on Bucephalus charging at the Persian king at the battle of Issus (one of several battles that shifted the entire course of history).

Soooo. . .a couple of simple reflections:

  • Listen to Alexander or any jockey (past or present). They are one with their horse in a mystical unity of purpose & intent. Where is my point of unity?
  • Mythical horses are unstoppable (past mythic or present mythic). What is my intent and attitude?
  • Mythical riders and their mounts train heavily. What “praxis” (practices/training) do I need to implement as a common discipline?
  • Mythical mounts and their riders adjust to the surprising circumstance. What surprises do I confront and how to do adjust and answer?