Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150In this dynamic marketplace, how can you move faster?

How can you accelerate your time to market? How can you react faster to opportunities? How can moving faster help you grow, or save you time and money?

Moving faster primarily involves your decision-making process. Here are 3 ways to move faster:

  1. Accelerate decision-making. First, you must choose to decide. Ask yourself if waiting to decide will generate any more useful information. If the answer is no, then why wait? Get it done, and make the decision only once, unless new facts arise that provide a beneficial reason to change your mind.
  1. Prioritize your decisions. Not all decisions are equal. Making decisions in the right order accelerates the process. Keep the end in mind, review your plan and make the most costly and time-consuming decisions first. Get them out of the way and the simpler decisions will flow more quickly.
  1. Manage the inputs to your decisions. When soliciting opinions on your pending decision, ask only those people who can improve the results of your decision or those whose influence will make it more likely that your decision won’t be challenged later.

As you gain confidence making decisions like this, you will move ever faster.

How much time or how many opportunities may be lost because you’re not moving fast enough?

How can you refine your decision-making process?