Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150In his book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni offers a Team Assessment questionnaire to evaluate a team’s susceptibility to the dysfunctions. Below are variations of 5 statements that strive to assess the level of team bonding:

  1. All team members are aware of the others’ key activities, and how their actions contribute to the team’s goals.
  1. Team members know what they expect from each other and intensely seek to avoid disappointing their teammates.
  1. During meetings, members confidently address the most difficult issues, challenging one another about their plans and methods.
  1. Team members are first to admit mistakes and slow to seek credit, but quick to credit others.
  1. Meetings and discussions are concluded with clear resolutions and action steps, so all members can be confident that their associates are committed to a decision.

How consistently does your team demonstrate these behaviors?

How might team bonding be strengthened?