Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Most leaders know what is expected of them to get the job done – evaluating, planning, organizing, executing & managing. They also realize that leadership is primarily about influence, not power. Leaders rely on others to accomplish the necessary work, so why do your people choose to follow you?

Most leaders recognize the need to earn their team’s respect. Just because you have been anointed as leader doesn’t ensure that people will choose to follow your lead. And if they don’t, you cannot succeed.

The definition of good leadership has changed significantly in recent years, and it’s more challenging now than it ever has been. How do you answer these questions?

  • How do you energize your people and teams?
  • How do you use purpose, vision and principles to inspire and motivate?
  • How do you release your people’s talents and creativity to increase productivity?
  • How do you build a culture that summons everyone’s best efforts?

More times than not, answering these questions causes leaders to recognize that they are pursuing change. Challenging the status quo to enable change requires conviction, collaboration and composure.

Conviction leverages your commitment to your personal core values. The consistency of your assurance compels others to join you in the quest. Conviction is leadership by example.

When was the last time you assessed your behavior versus your personal core principles?
How aligned are these values with your Company’s values and culture?

Collaboration involves the judicious use of your authority and avoiding the abuse of that power.

How much effort do you invest engaging with your team?
How does your behavior nurture this engagement rather than causing fear?
How does your team learn that you are genuine and will stand
by them during a change process?

Composure requires elevated emotional intelligence and empathy.

How self-aware are you about your behaviors and how they impact your team?
How can you better use your emotions to motivate, inspire and generate enthusiasm?

Your success depends on your leadership and knowing why your people choose to follow you.

When did you last evaluate your leadership approach?

Could you be a better leader?

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