Bob Schultek

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People take action because it benefits them. If you’re a leader or a salesperson trying to connect with others, your focus must be on them. It’s a simple truth that is often forgotten.
Your target audience will ask themselves 3 questions to discover your intentions:
1. “Do you care about me?” Mutual interest is the impetus for establishing a connection. Trying to learn another person’s perspective regarding a shared goal or concern helps them understand that you genuinely care about their needs. Taking the next step, using what you’ve learned to help others succeed, opens the door to connection, communication and collaboration. It’s this generosity that creates relationships which can become mutually beneficial. And good relationships typically produce positive results: ideas, growth, partnerships, etc.
2. “Can you help me?” These days,people are constantly bombarded with information about products and services, so they tend to tune out the noise. If you want to get someone’s attention, focus on how your connection can benefit them. The more quantifiable those benefits are, the stronger will be the motivation to connect with you.
3. “Can I trust you?” Trust is the foundation of enduring relationships. Since it is earned over time, for a new connection attempt, the most reasonable response to this question is “maybe.” If the answers to questions 1 and 2 are yes, then this 3rd question will be asked. In pursuing a connection, promise only what you can realistically deliver because fulfilling promises is what enables and sustains trust.
How can you demonstrate genuine concern when seeking to connect?
When benefits aren’t readily quantifiable, how can you make them compelling?