There are three decisive moments in the selling process that drive your sales success.

Bob Schultek

Bob Schultek

Acting with focus and urgency during these key moments will earn you the customer’s business, and his or her enduring preference.

1. Your “First Contact” Moment: Be customer-centric. Focus on learning their story, needs and goals. Prospects become customers once they confirm how you will perform for them, will support them, and will exceed their expectations by fulfilling their needs, helping achieve their goals and calming their fears.

  • Learn about the prospect’s company prior to your meeting;
  • Determine their available time and respect it…never exceed it;
  • Ask open-ended questions to determine their vision, goals, needs and concerns;
  • Listen carefully; observe their body language and non-verbal signals;
  • Try to determine if your contact is the decision-maker.

2. Your “Promises Kept” Moment: Performance must be the prime directive for your company. Keep the promises you make…deliver the value you promised to produce. Consistently doing so reduces your customer’s vulnerability and builds trust.

  • Ensure that your customer is receiving the expected benefits and performance you promised;
  • Communicate with your customer to sustain awareness that your promises are being kept;
  • Consistently deliver high performance, enabling your customer to continue relying on you by sending repeat orders.

3. Your “Advocacy” Moment: Converting one-time customers into recurring customers produces repeatable, profitable revenue with less investment than is required to earn a new customer. Understand how the value you produce for customers sustains their business performance while increasing your sales. Sustaining high performance for customers over time earns you a position as trusted advocate with them and enables you to seek referrals, the most productive leads possible.

How consistently do you perform well in these 3 key moments?

How do you know?