Robert-photo-w-icon-150-4-7-10-FINAL4-150x150Companies that endure consistently demonstrate 3 behaviors. How does your organization compare?

Enduring companies are particularly effective at:

1. Connecting: They understand their purpose or mission, and realize the value of collaborating with all stakeholders in their business – employees, customers, suppliers, etc. – to fulfill it. They are engaged in the long term success of their business and build relationships rather than processing transactions.

2. Committing: They focus on the future even as they manage the present. They appreciate that they are on a journey, sustained by their commitment to one another and to their customers. They expect to be here next year and ten years from now, revealing their reliability and enabling the growth of trust.

3. Conversing: They thrive by talking to one another, sharing their story with customers and suppliers, and affirming their purpose for existence. Their communication is genuine and without invented urgency. There’s no cliff, no constant crisis that always demands immediate action, destroying attention and trust in the process. They have each other’s back.

How consistently does your organization demonstrate these behaviors?

What steps could you take to bolster the 3 Cs in your company?