Bob Schultek
Author of
The Gauntlet

In a commoditized market, why do customers choose to build enduring relationships with some suppliers? It’s all about the strategic value you produce for them.

Customers cite 3 attributes that increase your value:

1.   Reliability

Customers expect you to keep your promisesit’s the price of admission into the relationship. If your team makes it easy to do business, perhaps delivering exceptional service as well, then your value is increased. What drives value even higher is learning about a customer’s business so you can anticipate needs and solve emerging problems. Treat them as you want to be treated, with personal attention that communicates your respect for the business they share with you.

2.  Generosity

Generosity is the genesis of trust. Learn your customers’ stories and aspirations. Then share ideas, trends and suggestions that can accelerate their progress, without expectation of an immediate sale. Your openness and generosity will further reinforce your value to them.
3.   Vulnerability
Personal interactions are the glue that bonds relationships – people want to buy from people. When your people share their stories and personal insights, their vulnerability is revealed, making it easier for a customer to recognize authenticity and build trust. Asking about a customer’s interests or family, or discussing a shared experience, demonstrates empathy and care. When your team’s actions are genuine, your business intentions are deemed to be similar and your customer perceives reduced risk. Less risk boosts value.
These demonstrations of commitment to your customers’ success makes
you invaluable to them.
How frequently does your team demonstrate these attributes?
What would motivate them to do so?