Bob Schultek Author of The Gauntlet

Leaders driving change to improve results are continually resolving conflicts. They succeed by exercising empathy and securing three agreements: 

  1. Agreeing on reality. The current situation is accurately described and validated by facts.
  2. Agreeing on goals. Realistic goals are specified and accepted, while acknowledging diversity in how they can be achieved.
  3. Agreeing on vision. Having agreed on existing reality and attainable goals, commitment is secured when the successful outcome is envisioned and shared.

These three agreements forge a bond of common purpose that bridges differing views, laying the foundation of mutual accountability and ownership required to achieve the shared goals. They enable the respectful, collaborative and efficient exploration of barriers and potential solutions necessary to successfully ensure resolution and commitment. 

What benefits are produced when resolution and commitment 
are promptly secured?

How do you facilitate the productive conflict dialogue 
necessary to achieve commitment?